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Advocate Television Returns for Season 2

Check your local listings for exciting new episodes of Advocate Television returning this fall for season 2 only on Rogers TV. For air times in Brantford and area click here.

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Thank You Brantford: A Final Editorial (Lucas Duguid, @OctopusRed)

I’d never given much thought to what my last story for the Brant Advocate would sound like… or what it would be like to write it. I’m finding it difficult to shoe horn three years into one article. Let’s start […]

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Goodnight, but not Goodbye (Marc Laferriere, @MarcLaferriere)

When I was a kid at camp we used to sing a song each night together. It’s final line was “this is goodnight but not goodbye.” It always stuck with me. It could have been the decade I spent in […]

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