Becca in Massai

Worlds Apart (Becca Vandekemp, @beccavdk)

Listening to her story was one of the most humbling things I have ever done. As I sat with her sipping chai tea from tin cups in her cow dung manyatta, I realized just how different our worlds really were. […]

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Jan 02

Respect Builds Trust – by Jan Vanderstelt

As I walked into the Rogers Television Studio on election night, I was advised to “expand my horizons”. That quote has joined a hundred well-meaning comments. Most of


Lessons from Copper and Todd (Carrie Sinkowski, @CSinkowski)

As a community worker at a Sexual Assault Centre, one of the most commonly asked questions I get is, why do you work at the Centre? People are


How I Got The Job – by Lucas Duguid

Joseph Stevens, John Ball, Lucas Duguid and Terry Davis - circa 2007 There's nothing as daunting to someone fresh out of school than the prospect of getting that first


Bek’s in The City November Edition – by Bekah Pitts

We often take for granted our access we have to historic landmarks in our community. The Sanderson Centre, as Brantford’s primary entertainment venue, has hosted headline acts, local


One Year At The Mixdown – by Tristan Curtis

I will be the first to admit it. When The Mixdown first opened on Dalhousie Street last November, it looked like a flea market stand. Seeing that the

auburn-haired girl, young woman  in front of  a mirror

Mirrors – by Stacey Farrant

If our mirrors could reflect what was inside of us, would we have a different perception of what we looked like? I can't ever remember being in the


Random Acts of Kindness – by Lisa Herbert

You've had one of those weeks. You're standing in line for a coffee you desperately need, wondering what else might go wrong. When you finally make it to

Enjoying the sun

An Unknown Mentor – by Steph Paige

If I had to pick one particular item which has made me the person I am today among everything that has happened in my life – significant milestones,


Community Gardens: Collaborate, Grow, Heal (Jenn Hill, Marc Laferriere @MarcLaferriere)

For years, people in Brantford tried without success to create a large scale community garden. In those same years people from Six Nations tried as well with the same

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