An Open Letter to Candy Crush by Susan Dianne Ferrell (@justmesuzied)

Most writers can sit for hours on end writing and editing our master pieces. On occasion however, our mind turns to mush and we can no longer create, so many of us turn to playing quick games that will re-energize our minds […]

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herb harker

Tally Ho by Herb Harker

Tally Ho   With speed and haste the way is clear, with leather on my back Earned the Harley at Henry Street; A year plus six ago . By the Bay where

herb harker

777 by Herb Harker

For what and who be 666, and where does this man dwell? Should We tell them from the facts, the pen has hidden well. “We should hold our breath in

herb harker

Syria by Herb Harker

SYRIA Where upon a night so clear, when visions were in storeLittle children fast asleep, by tales of long ago.Elves and reindeer loaded up, with dreams of tiny mind.Little


A Poem by Jennifer York

Running, laughing, falling. Feeling the softness cushion my legs. The sharpness of grass slice between my naked toes. I lay back dizzy, feeling the warmth seep through my body. The wind caresses


Was the Original Lone Ranger an African American by Zig Misiak (@ZigMisiak)

Who doesn’t remember the Mel Brook’s 1974 movie classic, “Blazing Saddles?” How many of us connected with the townspeople as they gasped in unison when they saw the


20 Years of McGonagalls Pub by Dave Dodds

The mad rush was on! Glasses were being cleaned and stored, table arrangements finalized and the beer lines tested when, at just on 6 o’clock, in walks this red


A Celebration of Life by Lynne Joseph

A life is a precious thing. The experiences of each life are unique and individual. When a person reaches the golden years of life they have such exciting

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On-line Shopping by Michael St. Amant

Funny, you wake up one morning and it is 2014 and your world is about to change! No, I am not talking about an invasion of aliens or the


Small Business: A Manual for Survival by Layne Beckner Grime

By: Layne Beckner Grime  As my husband and I just completed another proverbial lap around the bend with the second birthday of our photo business, I

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