Mr Hollister’s School of Villainy Chapter 1 by Leisha Senko (@LeishaSenko)

This is a story I’ve been dying to tell for a very long time–the tale of a boy named Max who finds himself born into a society of villains, and has to somehow discover for himself what’s right and what’s […]

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Life Isn’t About Test Scores by Leisha Senko (@LeishaSenko)

I’ve never before been short on words--especially when it comes to writing for the Advocate--so when I found myself staring at a blank page this month, I was

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Rebellion and Radishes (Leisha Senko, @LeishaSenko)

Richard Reynolds breaks the law. Day in and day out, sometimes while shrouded in the cover of night. His well-documented crimes have sparked a whole slew of


Cigarettes and Philosophy (Leisha Senko, @LeishaSenko)

When I was ten, I lived beside a park, and a rather ordinary one at that. It had one old, creaky see-saw, a row of six swings, and

Community of Women

Craving Community (Leisha Senko, @LeishaSenko)

Growing up, I hated the idea of small towns. Images of nosy neighbours, rampant local gossip, and small minded thinking haunted me. Volunteerism and collective activities, general niceties

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Community Building (Leisha Senko, @LeishaSenko)

I left Brantford in grade six, only to come back for university, years later. Arriving on day one, in 2009, I was genuinely excited, but the state of

Save Katimavik

Katimavik: Why It Matters To Us (Leisha Senko, @LeishaSenko)

Katimavik, a program that's touched millions, enlisted thousands, and changed for the better hundreds of communities across Canada, is officially no more. Its cancellation, and other strong austerity

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