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My Prayer for a Friend (Rev. Jonathan Massimi, @revmass)

Today I met with a friend. The first thing I asked was, “How are you?” He responded, “I’m Ok.” As we continued to talk, cracks began to show in the “I’m OK” veneer. The fact was everything wasn’t OK: an […]

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The Vulnerable Self (Jonathan Massimi, @REVMASS)

A writer that has had a profound influence on my life is Henri Nouwen. Nouwen was a Roman Catholic priest who had a successful career teaching at Notre

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With Great Collar, Comes Great Responsibility (Rev. Jon Massimi, @REVMASS)

Two years ago I became an Anglican Priest. I often compare my ordination experience to Peter Parker getting bit by the radioactive spider. It was unexpected, and the

My Breakfast with Sam by Jonathan Massimi and Samuel Massimi

My Breakfast with Sam (Jonathan Massimi, @revmass, Samuel Massimi)

My first class at York University was titled, “Jewish People, Jewish Thought” with Professor Tanentzapf. He was a wise man who week after week would bestow upon us

Jesus is Italian and so am I - Jon Massimi

Jesus is Italian and so am I (Rev. Jonathan Massimi, @RevMass)

You probably read the title of this article and said : “What! Jesus is Italian?” Before you dismiss this claim allow me to state my case. First, his

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