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Zapatistas by Carrie Sinkowski (@CSinkowski)

In Women Studies and Labour Studies we had to start every essay by first acknowledging our privilege relative to the subject. I find myself still doing that today, 13.5 years after graduation. So to begin, I have the privilege of […]

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One Billion Rising (Carrie Sinkowski, @CSinkowski)

Engaging in community work directed at creating change can be heavy and dark. You need to know issues in order to work towards making any type of difference,


Solidarity (Carrie Sinkowski, @CSinkowski)

Sandy Hook Elementary School, Bill 115, and Bill C-45; three events that created the opportunity for people to bring their hearts and minds together through technology, and more


Frank the Tank: the Practice of Patience (Carrie Sinkowski, @CSinkowski)

They say that the Universe/God/Allah/The Creator/The Goddess, whatever name you assign the power that is greater than humans, presents us with opportunities, often in disguise, to learn from


When Somebody Punches Your Turtle (Carrie Sinkowski, @CSinkowski)

It was a nice sunny September day. A jazz band was playing in Harmony Square. People were laughing. They were singing. They were clapping along and tapping their

Everyday by Carrie Sinkowski

Everyday (Carrie Sinkowski, @CSinkowski)

Every day I come into my office and one piece of ten dollar décor inspires me ~ a poster with a quote from Walt Whitman. I was sitting

Taylors Birthday (Carrie Sinkowski & Taylor the Turtle)

Taylor’s Birthday (Carrie Sinkowski & Taylor the Turtle)

Dear Brantford, I am so EXCITED!! I will be a whole ONE YEARS old in 21 sleeps.  September 21 is my birthday, which is an extra special day because it


Coping with Sexual Violence (Carrie Sinkowski, @CSinkowski)

As a woman, I have always known that I am vulnerable to experiences of sexual violence. Fairy tales, warnings from my parents, story lines in movies and news

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Thirty-six hours (Carrie Sinkowski, @CSinkowski)

Thirty six hours is what stands between two worlds. These two worlds have their beauty and their misery, and their own struggles and triumphs. These two worlds are


Lessons from Copper and Todd (Carrie Sinkowski, @CSinkowski)

As a community worker at a Sexual Assault Centre, one of the most commonly asked questions I get is, why do you work at the Centre? People are

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