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On-line Shopping by Michael St. Amant

Funny, you wake up one morning and it is 2014 and your world is about to change! No, I am not talking about an invasion of aliens or the rise of a political dictatorship. Nor am I thinking of geographic […]

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Why Christmas? by Michael St. Amant

Sometimes I lament the society we have become. Recently, I was looking for Christmas cards to send out to friends only to discover that the vast majority say,

Hector MacInnis, PM, and Peter MacKay

Hector’s Story ~ A Remembrance by Michael St. Amant (@MichaelStAmant)

This article is about remembrances of Remembrance Day. For those of us who have not fought in wars, nor been called upon to defend our country, it is

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Haunting Thoughts (Michael St. Amant)

Have you ever had an experience or dream that haunts you throughout your life? It is one of those events that you rarely talk about, and when you

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Not For Profit Dilemma (Michael St. Amant)

Brantford’s not-for-profit industry will be facing many key challenges over the next few years as they compete for dollars and volunteer time. Whether social, cultural or spiritual in

Identity Logo

The Identity Project? (Michael St.Amant, @MichaelStAmant)

Like many of you, I recently received an email asking me to complete a survey from the Brantford Identity Project, which has been mandated to develop an updated

Time Clock Books

There are no Simple Tasks (Michael St. Amant, @MichaelStAmant)

My most recent experience in proving this statement has been an effort to reduce the number of books I have accumulated over several decades. I have walls with

Damien and Lee

A Father’s Take on Marriage (Michael St. Amant, @MichaelStAmant)

Over the past few months, my son and daughter were married. Weddings are about the Bride and the Groom. It is the moment that they openly chose to

The Wager by Michael St. Amant

The Wager (Michael St. Amant, @MichaelStAmant)

Some of you may recall a 1983 movie called Trading Places starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. While the movie would not likely make anyone’s Top Ten list, the

The Importance of Myrtleville by Michael St. Amant

The Importance of Myrtleville (Michael St. Amant, @MichaelStAmant)

In 1980, the descendants of Allen and Eliza Good deeded the family farm which was then on the outer edge of the development taking place in Brantford to

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